“From Death to Life”: A Samson Study

Posted: 05/07/2014 in Absolute Truth

The King's Men


“O Lord God, remember me…”. 

Samson spoke these words as he stood bound and blinded between those two infamous pillars.  It was a desperate cry for help that was heard and answered by almighty God Himself.  A great deliverance was wrought that day, even as the man himself died.  In this we have a portrait of salvation, for where Samson’s story ends, the Christian’s story begins!  Through repentance and faith in Christ, we too experience God’s glorious deliverance as we pass from the power of darkness into marvelous light and are thereby released from the oppressive dominion of sin over us, as the atonement is applied to our hearts and minds.  We are crucified with Christ, yet we live and walk in the newness of life–having been raised up with Him by the mighty power of God and transformed spiritually into new creatures!   No longer the slaves of satan, we are born again…

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