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The man’s facial expression betrayed any attempt he might have put forward to hide his frustration. I could tell when I caught a glimpse of him. My family was sitting behind his table at a local restaurant, close enough that I could hear his annoyed huffing, but far enough away that he didn’t feel me staring at him — which of course I couldn’t help.

He was an older man, white hair, wrinkled skin. The woman with him was older, too. I assumed it was his wife, which led me to assume that their tense moment was merely an indication that seasoned marriages can still have their share of arguments — though I can’t be sure.

I had heard him yell. That’s why I was looking at him. I wasn’t looking at him before the sudden scream startled my family and me — and everyone else around him. I had…

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For anyone who’s interested, here are the links to a few recent online discussions/debates I’ve had with professing atheists that you may find informative (WARNING:  A few instances of profanity and rude language from the atheists):


Soldiers of Christ Enduring Hardness

“The way to do a great deal is to keep on doing a little. The way to do nothing at all is to be continually resolving that you will do everything.”

– C. H. Spurgeon

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It is important for a man to set guards around his life to protect his purity, honor, and integrity.  In today’s world men are bombarded by a sexualized culture where right and wrong have been significantly blended into a more comfortable gray.  For us to be the men of God that we are called to be, we first must realize that our decisions cannot be based on what is acceptable in the world’s eyes, but what is expected by God – the One who created the world.  It’s clear that many men and women do not understand the importance of these barriers – even Christian men and women.  And sadly, many marriages are paying the price for men living without clear rules of engagement with the opposite sex.

Here’s an example to help drive home the importance of installing proper parameters.

Two men are hiking along the Grand Canyon. There…

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