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If the topic of evolution has never come up in your witnessing encounters, it undoubtedly will at some point.  Christians need not be intimidated by it.  Instead, here are some questions you can ask to help an evolutionist think through these issues while gently (yet effectively) exposing the irrationality of the theory itself.

1)  Where did the space for the universe come from?

2)  Where did matter come from?

3)  How does a strictly material, constantly changing universe give us immaterial, universal, unchanging laws (such as laws of logic, science, and morality)?

4)  How did matter get so perfectly organized?

5)  Where did the energy come from to do all the organizing?

6)   When, where, why, and how did randomness become non-random?

7)  When, where, why, and how did life arise from non-living matter?

8)  When, where, why, and how did life learn to reproduce itself?

9)  Why would natural selection favor sexual reproduction over cell division, which is more efficient and less costly genetically?

10)  With what did the first cell capable of sexual reproduction reproduce?

11)  Why would any plant or animal want to reproduce more of its kind since this would only make more mouths to feed and, thereby, decrease the chances of survival?

12)  Which of the following evolved first and how long did it work without the others?: 

(a) The digestive system, the food to be digested, the appetite, the ability to find and eat the food, the digestive juices, or the body’s resistance to its own digestive juices (stomach, intestines, etc.)?

(b) The drive to reproduce or the ability to reproduce?

(c)  The lungs, the mucous lining to protect them, the throat, or the perfect mixture of gases to be breathed into the lungs?

(d)  The termite or the Trichonympha symbiotes that live in its intestines and actually digest the cellulose?

(e)  The plants or the insects that live on and pollinate them?

(f)  The bones or the ligaments, tendons, blood supply, and muscles to move the bones?

(g)  The nervous system, repair system, or hormone system?

(h)  The immune system or the need for it?

The King's Men


“O Lord God, remember me…”. 

Samson spoke these words as he stood bound and blinded between those two infamous pillars.  It was a desperate cry for help that was heard and answered by almighty God Himself.  A great deliverance was wrought that day, even as the man himself died.  In this we have a portrait of salvation, for where Samson’s story ends, the Christian’s story begins!  Through repentance and faith in Christ, we too experience God’s glorious deliverance as we pass from the power of darkness into marvelous light and are thereby released from the oppressive dominion of sin over us, as the atonement is applied to our hearts and minds.  We are crucified with Christ, yet we live and walk in the newness of life–having been raised up with Him by the mighty power of God and transformed spiritually into new creatures!   No longer the slaves of satan, we are born again…

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