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Opinions are easy to come by.  Most people will have one on just about anything you ask.  The weather last weekend? Last night’s game?  The food at the new restaurant? Just ask and they’ll have their perspective ready for sharing.

Like our thoughts about our favorite football team, most of us also have an opinion on what it means to be a real man.  Strong? Courageous?  A great leader? Characteristics like these come to mind for some but something totally different for others. That’s the thing about opinions – there are plenty of them but most aren’t really based on hard facts.

The truth is, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what you or I think it means to be a man.  What matters is what God’s word defines a man to be.  Here’s a list of 20 biblical characteristics of a godly man that I’ve came across while studying. If…

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The King's Men

That really is the question, isn’t it?
One thing that I have come to understand from the story of Gideon is that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather it is the ability to overcome the fear that we feel.  Was Gideon fearful to begin with?  Absolutely! 
What made the difference was his ability to allow his fear of the Lord to swallow up his fear of man.  When God calls us to do things that we have never done before, or to do that which seems to be beyond our ability, it is only natural for us to feel a sense of apprehension and to be fearful of the unknown.  However, the Bible tells us in 1 John 4:18 that perfect love casts out fear—not just God’s perfect love for us, but our perfect love for Him.  When we love the Lord with all of our heart…

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The King's Men

Teethed bared, biceps bulging, glistening sword raised high while charging forward with the cry of battle;  This is the image often conjured in our minds when we think of a warrior.  However, without even so much as drawing a sword, mighty Boaz was able to defend a family’s honor and preserve the life of an entire bloodline.  Instead of physical power and might, the strength he utilized to accomplish these feats of valor came from within, as did his weapons—meekness (not weakness) and self-sacrifice.   Not surprisingly (and quite fittingly), from his bloodline, there sprang another Redeemer who, by means of that same Spiritual strength and artillery, became the greatest Warrior of them all—Jesus Christ.
Strength & Honor
Mike Varnadore

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