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This was compiled by a former atheist who is now a Christian.  Very accurate from my experience debating atheists online.


How to be an Atheist:


1)  Dismiss everything in the Bible because men wrote it.

2)  Believe and quote other writings of men to prove that the Bible is wrong.

3)  Completely ignore the inconsistency between steps 1 & 2.

4)  Call yourself a “freethinker” and “open minded” but don’t practice such virtues when it comes to Christianity.

5)  Try to laugh out loud every time a Christian makes a statement about what they believe even if you don’t think it’s really that funny. This helps avoid a “serious” conversation.

6)  Always bring up Zeus, Allah, and Santa Claus to prove that if you must believe in one God then you have to believe in all of them otherwise it’s just not fair.

7)  When referring to the Bible use the word “myth” as often as possible and call believers whatever names you want because the goal is to frustrate the Christian so that his sinful nature comes out and he gets angry and then you can call him a hypocrite.

8)  Set your own moral standards very very very low so that you’ll never look like a hypocrite yourself. The lower the better.

9)  Never answer a question directly but quickly change the subject to make a completely different point. If you’re asked why you keep changing the subject just repeat this step as necessary.

10)  Be as argumentative, sarcastic and verbal as possible – there is no need to make sense or use logic in your arguments – just keep arguing.

11)  Use words like “strawman,” “ad hominem,” “fallacy,” “red herring” and non sequiturs” against every argument whether you understand those terms or not.

12)  Claim that atheism is rooted in “common sense” even though less than 10% of the human population claim to be atheists.

13)  Reject all notions of faith even though you must put your faith in pilots, cars, food, doctors, evolution, and the next chair that you sit in.

14)  Always ask for evidence for God but never accept anything presented to you. At the end of a discussion remind them that all you needed was some evidence for God.

15)  Quote only the Bible verses that make God look mean and unfair.

16)  Talk about being a good person remembering that you are allowed to define good however you would like because there is no objective moral standard.

17)  Say that you have read the Bible and that you understand what it teaches whether this is true or not.

18)  Only pick on Christians – you don’t want to get killed in a Jihad. However, be sure to say that there is no difference between Radical Muslims and Fundamentalist Christians.

19)  Always use the crusades to make the point above.

20)  Remember that you are looking for faults in other worldviews not trying to defend your own – do not try to prove atheism! Remember, it’s much easier to destroy than build up.

21)  Make the claim that you only have one life and don’t want to waste it on religion.

22)  If your conscience begins to bother you because of moral guilt you can numb it with drugs, alcohol, sex, or pride. You can give up the first three but never give up your pride.




waiting to hear from GodI was on Facebook this morning, as you quite possibly were, catching up on what people had planned for the weekend, looking at photos of their landscaping efforts, and scrolling through family and pet pics.  As I was scanning through I came across a comment that I just couldn’t ignore.  After you read this, some of you may think I should have.  But I didn’t – and I’m glad.  The post was from someone who had recently shared a picture of a ship they had been early in their military career.  “No big deal” you say.  “Average Facebook post”  you say.  Correct, no big deal, average post.  The thing that really caught my attention was the first comment immediately below the post.  It simply read as follows:

“I knocked a chick up on that thing.”

Should I have ignored the comment and minded my business since I knew neither the person who posted…

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The King's Men

Much could be (and has been) said about the integrity and strength of God’s warrior, Joshua.  From his humble service under Moses to his victorious conquest at Jericho as God’s newly appointed leader of Israel, we see a man who trusted God and was used mightily by Him.  Joshua witnessed first-hand the awesome power of God time and again throughout Israel’s journey to the promised land, but one key event stands out to me. 
In Joshua 5:13-15 we read about Joshua’s encounter with the armed and ready ‘captain of the host of the Lord’, who appeared to him with sword in hand and encouraged him for the upcoming battle at Jericho.  No doubt, this encounter with Christ Himself served to strengthen Joshua and gave him the confidence needed to advance forward in the mighty calling which God had entrusted to him. 
Like Joshua, we too can proceed with confidence in…

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