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The King's Men

As the shepherd-turned-warrior reached into the brook that day–only moments away from engaging in what would become the legendary battle of a lifetime–he did something that has been the object of much speculation and conjecture down through the preceding centuries: he drew out 5 smooth stones.  The question is: why 5?  While Scripture is silent as to David’s exact reason(s), many believe that Goliath also had 4 brothers.  Perhaps David intended to make it a 5-for-1 deal that day should they have decided to intervene?
Personally, I like to think of that 5-fold collection of stones as representing an infinitely greater and more powerful force—J-E-S-U-S.  With the Lord by David’s side that day, he couldn’t miss because the power wasn’t in the stone at all—it was in the ROCK who was guiding it.  Consequently, it was that same spiritual ROCK who, many years later, entered into a far greater…

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