…Or at least that’s what I’ve always heard about the value of a picture.  That being the case, I thought it would be worth sharing the story behind the photo that you see as my avatar and blog header here.

A few months ago, our Christian men’s group went on a camping trip to one of the national forests around our area and, as I was packing for the trip, I felt compelled to bring along a few gospel tracts as well (for a trip to the middle of the woods??)…..I soon found out why.

As we arrived at our campsite and began to set up camp, a young man from another site walked in carrying a large bottle of wine in one hand and a can of beer in the other. He asked one the guys in our group if anyone had a corkscrew he could use to open the wine. He was given a pocket knife and then knelt down on the ground, poking and prodding at the cork on the wine bottle, trying to open it. I went to my tent and grabbed a couple ‘million dollar’ tracts that I took over to him and used to strike up a conversation. The young man told me that he had been attending church for some time, but quickly confessed that he would go straight to hell if he died, because of his sinful lifestyle. I couldn’t believe it! I was able to share the Gospel with him and then asked if I could pray for him—he agreed.  While I was praying with the young man, one of the brethren captured a photo (unbeknownst to me at the time) of that moment.

After we prayed, he told me that his girlfriend was back at his camp at that she needed to hear this as well.

They returned a few minutes later and we were able to preach the Gospel to her also, using the 10 Commandments to convince her of her sin and that she too was in need of God’s forgiveness!! This was truly one of the most unique and encouraging witnessing encounters I have ever had. The way I see it, people have been wandering into the Enemy’s camp for ages—thank God that He saw fit to allow at least a couple to wander into His camp that day!  I hope that you are as encouraged and inspired by this as we have been here.  To God be the glory!!

  1. ricklittreal says:

    What an awesome opportunity you had to witness to that couple. They had come to the woods to camp and undoubtedly engage in some less-than-ideal behavior. Regardless of what activities they participated in the rest of the evening, there’s no doubt that the word of God that your shared with them was ringing in their ears. I pray that sometime in the future they both come to know salvation through Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t it be great if the Lord allowed you to see them again – only next time as Jesus-followers, sold out to Him and sharing the Gospel themselves?

    It was a blessing to see this all happen in person. Thanks for setting such a great example for other Christian men around you, my brother.

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    • scmike2 says:

      Hey, thanks for the encouraging words Brother!
      I’ll never forget this experience and am extremely thankful that you were among those there to share it with!!

      What a glorious Gospel we have been given by our Lord to impart to the world! Indeed, I live with the hope that these two young people received the Word and that the seed sown that day fell upon good ground, producing the fruit of salvation in their lives. What a joy it would be to be allowed to know that for certain! Maranatha.

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  2. kevinjandt says:

    When God does a work in a man it’s like an unquenchable fire, and that is evident in this post brother. Thank you for sharing.


    • scmike2 says:

      Thank you again for the kind words, Kevin. As I’m sure you would also attest, I am but a small servant of a very big God. Maranatha!


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