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waiting to hear from GodI was on Facebook this morning, as you quite possibly were, catching up on what people had planned for the weekend, looking at photos of their landscaping efforts, and scrolling through family and pet pics.  As I was scanning through I came across a comment that I just couldn’t ignore.  After you read this, some of you may think I should have.  But I didn’t – and I’m glad.  The post was from someone who had recently shared a picture of a ship they had been early in their military career.  “No big deal” you say.  “Average Facebook post”  you say.  Correct, no big deal, average post.  The thing that really caught my attention was the first comment immediately below the post.  It simply read as follows:

“I knocked a chick up on that thing.”

Should I have ignored the comment and minded my business since I knew neither the person who posted…

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