There is a door to each man’s heart, and we have to find it, and enter it with the right key, which is to be found somewhere or other in the word of God.  All men are not to be reached in the same way, or by the same arguments, and as we are by all means to save some, we must be wise to win souls, wise with wisdom from above.  We desire to see them conquered for Christ, but no warrior uses always the same strategy.  There is for one open assault, another a siege, for a third an ambush, for a fourth a long campaign.  On the sea, there are great rams that run down the enemy, torpedoes under water, gunboats, and steam frigates.  One ship is broken up by a single blow; another needs a broadside; a third must have a shot between the wind and water; a fourth must be driven on shore.  Even thus, we must adapt ourselves and use the sacred force entrusted to us with grave consideration and solemn judgment, looking ever to the Lord for guidance and for power.  All the real power is in the Lord’s hands, and we must put ourselves fully at the disposal of the divine Worker, that He may work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure, so shall we by all means save some.

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